more than just an idea

casino in the metaverse

Metasino is a decentralized virtual casino built on the blockchain to be played in the metaverse with a native Reward token. $CASINO rewards its holders in stables (BUSD) Participants all around the world will come to metasino to play different casino games and win redeemable rewards.

we focus on quality entertainment

Metasino employs creative game theory algorithms to ensure that all participants in metasino will abide by the community governance accordingly. Our unique staking and the locking mechanism will ensure all metasino players worth are valued properly. This ‘true worth’ will ensure decentralization is maintained and whales do not interfere.

why play our casino

Metasino harnesses the power of Blockchain to deliver a platform players can fully trust but it’s the exclusive combination of features, social elements, design, and unique technical solutions that sets Metasino apart from the competition.


On Metasino you can bet/play against other players across different types of virtual casino games ranging from Blackjack, Poker, Big Six wheel, Slot machine, Craps etc

Income Generating NFTs

Metasino is bringing to the metaverse, a virtual casino where you can own a Poker table, Slot machine in Las Vegas, Yes! That's what Metasino is building.


Metasino will have a single-asset staking for passive income generation. Yield farming will come later on as Metasino development progresses.

Social life & Gambling

Metasino will have a virtual nightclub packed with stripclub, VIP lounge and a cocktail bar, a virtual social park where individuals can meet, interact and catch fun via a (VR) headset.

Metasino Roadmap

Q4 2021
(the groundbreak)
launch socials
launch airdrop & community giveaway
1000 members
website design & launch
promo & marketing
private sale
genesis NFT VIP minting for OG investor
Q1 2022
(take off)
contract creation & audit
private investor metaverse (spatial) meeting
contract deployment
sandbox land acquisition
public presale
pancake swap listing
CMC & CG listing
single asset staking
P2E roulette game
weekly update & AMAs
marketing phase 2
CEX listing on
Q2 2022
(enter the void)
migration to discord from telegram
leasing of income-generating NFTs
metasino sandbox development - first phase
preview of metasino-verse
integration of virtual reality (VRO)
metasinos in other metaverses
cross-chain bridge
metasino in other decentraland, bloktopia etc

Our Audit Partners

Our token ($CASINO) has been officially audited by Solidity Finance and an audit from Certik is underway.

audit passed
audit in progress


play to earn (P2E)
team advisors

metasino properties

As part of the team's effort to bring this to reality, Metasino has acquired land plot on Sandbox metaverse. With this plot of land our dev team will develop an interactive VR casino with fully functional arcade of P2E MMO suit of casino games. Metasino's Sandbox land coordinates are LAND (-41, -132) plot url. Metasino will be also available on other metaverses such as Decentraland etc.

metasino and partyfox

Party foxes are collections of composed 5999 pixelated originally designed fox. this is a skilk of foxes that does nothing but party all day. Owning a fox gives you access to their future events and shows worldwide where creators, collectors and investors will be in attendance. every fox collector will have access to their metaverse.

With fox NFT, one would have access to play games in metasino, and with $casino you have access to party fox parties and events. You can swap fox for $casino, or earn fox as reward for games played in casino. you will be able to stake $casino to earn fox.